Deputies of Attorney General
Deputy Attorneys perform the function of the Attorney General.
In the absence or inactivity, the Deputy designated by the Attorney General shall replace the Attorney General.
The function of the Deputy Attorney General may be appointed to a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a law degree that has passed the bar exam and has experience in working in judicial bodies, advocacy and other state bodies and other legal entities for the duration of at least eight years after passing the bar exam and has gained a high reputation as a legal expert working in these bodies and legal entities.
Pursuant to the Decision of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the appointment of the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of Bosnia and Herzegovina No. VM 223/23 from September 07th 2023 (Official Gazette of BiH no. 64/123), the functions of the Deputy Attorney Generals in regular rotation starting on 20. May 2024, are performed by:
Almina Pilav
Deputy Attorney General
Magdalena Papić
Deputy Attorney General